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If you haven’t heard of sugaring, this is the newest, most popular form of hair removal within the beauty industry.

It may be new to the beauty industry but sugaring actually originates from Ancient Egypt.

Our ancestors used natural methods for healing, brushing their teeth, and for beauty treatments.  Our modern world manufacturers have added chemicals and preservatives to our products.  We forget that we can create simple natural solutions.

Sugar wax is a paste that is made of 3 simple ingredients; lemon, sugar, and water.  Sugaring is gentle and exfloliating.  You can go over the same spot twice without irritating the skin.

With waxing you take a small layer of skin off and cannot go over the same spot twice.  In addition; the wax itself, is not all natural.

What you consume effects your health and so does what you put on your body.  We deal with enough chemicals as it is; such as environmental, in our food, and in our water, our best defense is to be as mindful as possible.

You can use SPF, choose grass fed meats, and filter you water to make a difference in your health.  Sugaring is another way you can treat your body right; with zero chemicals and less irittation, reducing premature aging.

We recommend sugaring as a waxing alternative and it’s easy to clean off.  It melts right off with warm water and makes your skin feel smooth.


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