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whispy romantic looking lashes that are light yet dramatic, and fluffy


Extensions took the world by storm and they became the new nails. And we mean this in terms of affordability; because nail salons popped up everywhere offering full sets of nails from $40 to $50 dollars. Then lash extensions became popular but it was harder for people to afford it. But then a shift happened..... New lash techs were emerging yearly which drove the price down to be an affordable service. So just as nails were popular and affordable so are lash extensions. So....That begs the question? How do we come up with our pricing? How do we stay fair to the community? We base our prices on the cost of expenses and the amount we feel we need to get paid, then we deduct a bit to still make it very fair for us and our clients. We are transparent about this; because as much as we need to make a living, we also are here to make people happy, support our community and give a fair price for a good service. We do spend a little more money to get higher end products and we take a little more time, but this is soo important. We want to make sure people are happy and do not have to go elsewhere to get services. Included in your lash extension service, we have you fill out a health and safety form, a covid form, and provide you with aftercare instructions and our signature gift bags, which I love doing!! If you have any questions feel free to text or call us @ 519-520-5946